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React Native Owl

Visual Regression Testing for React Native

describe('App.tsx', () => {
it('takes a screenshot of the first screen', async () => {
const screen = await takeScreenshot('homescreen');



This visual regression testing for React Native library enables developers to introduce visual regression tests to their apps for iOS and Android. Being heavily inspired by Detox, an end-to-end testing and automation framework, this library uses a similar API that makes setting up react-native-owl and running the tests locally and on your preferred CI service, seamless.

Note: This library is work-in-progress. We are still working on adding additional functionality to allow full control of the app being tested.

Visual regression testing

We've created a simple api for capturing and comparing screenshots.

Take screenshots from your app

Owl was designed make it easy to add visual regression testing to your react native app.

View the differences

Owl clearly highlights all visual differences, so no need to play spot-the-difference yourself!