Announcing the Release of Spectacle Editor

September 22, 2016

Take control of your presentations. Open sourced. Plotly Integrated. Bring your own glitter.

Formidable is pleased to announce the release of Spectacle Editor, an open souce presentation editor built with Electron on top of Spectacle, our library for authoring interactive presentations in ReactJS. We collaborated with Plotly on this project, and it features seamless Plotly integration, including the ability to embed Plotly charts, publish presentations to, and work with Plotly on-premise installations.

Download Spectacle Editor for Mac or Windows


Image Elements & Background Images

Easily import images to your presentation or add background images to your slides.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Slide Transitions

Add interesting visual touches to your presentations with cool transition effects, or keep it seamless with a simple transitions.

Plotly Chart Embed

Easily showcase your Plotly charts with built-in integration support.

Export to PDF

Easily convert your presentation into PDF format for printing or uploading purposes.

Snap to Grid

Ensure elements and text are exactly centered or aligned in the way that best serves your material.

Share Presentation Link

Share a public version of your presentation with a hosted link.

Text Editing

Edit text easily on the fly.

Code Elements with Syntax Highlighting

Show off your code and really make it shine with syntax highlighting for a variety of languages.

Example Presentations

See a sample of what you can do with Spectacle Editor in the examples linked below.

* Goldman Sachs Overview * Tufte Style Visualizations * Mobile Ate the World * Quarterly Earnings Summary

Contributing to Spectacle Editor

We’d love to have more of the Open Source community contribute to Spectacle Editor. If you’re interested in doing so, please check out our Contributing Guide. Similarly, if you have any issues with Spectatcle Editor that you’d like to report and have addressed, please create an issue in Github issues.

You can also read our initial announcement of the project, and why we chose to use MobX over Redux.

Spectacle Core

You should also keep your eyes peeled for upcoming feature developments in Spectacle core:

  • Plugin/Middleware API
  • New fragment types
  • Slide sets
  • And much more!

Download Spectacle Editor for Mac or Windows