Announcing Spectacle Editor, a Work In Progress

24 May 2016

Spectacle Editor is a collaboration between Plotly and Formidable. The end result will be the first open source presentation tool with deep Plotly integration. Building on top of everyone’s favorite React slide show framework, Spectacle, we’re inviting the community to witness and participate in the development process.

Plotly is the premium dashboard, reporting system, and collaboration platform for modern data science. Spectacle Editor will make adding data visualization to slides dead simple, and include straightforward hosting of presentations on Plotly.

The roadmap

We’re aiming for an initial release in early August. Here’s our rough schedule:

  • Drag and Drop Late June
  • Visual designs and basic editor functionality Early July
  • Plotly integration Mid July
  • V1 Release Early August

Go to milestones on github for a more detailed project plan and to follow along as we close issues.

Current status

Much of the initial infrastructure work is complete thanks to Electron and electron-react-boilerplate. We decided on MobX for the store(s) and are using methods on the store instead of actions. We’re also using React-Motion for drag and drop functionality. Those architecture decisions are a topic for another blog post so stay tuned.

Completed Work

  • Wireframes
  • Slide add, delete, and reorder
  • Undo and redo
  • Very basic drag and drop for elements
  • Test, lint, bundling and other infrastructure

In progress

  • Full featured element drag and drop
  • Updates to Spectacle to support Spectacle Editor
  • First draft of visual design

Going forward

As mentioned, we’ll publish weekly blog posts and keep our progress and milestones in Github. If youre interested in contributing, check out our issue list and review our contributing guidelines. Questions/Comments about Spectacle Editor? Create an issue.

This will be a fun ride, y’all!

Join our team — we're hiring!

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