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Introducing React Game Kit

See Ken’s slides from his React Next talk. Introducing React Game Kit React Game Kit is Formidable’s newest release, written by the one and only Ken Wheeler. Since Ken is busy killing it in Israel at ReactNext, I’m giving a rundown of what React Game Kit is and why you should use...


Introducing Nested Routing in Redux Little Router

Ever since we announced Redux Little Router, we’ve worked hard to simplify the API, reduce boilerplate, and ease adoption for beginners. To advance these goals, we’ve introduced two new features: nested routes and nested fragments. Check out Redux Little Router on GitHub! Nested Routes...


Builder 3.0: Battle-tested Multiple Project Management

Today we’re excited to announced the release of Builder 3.0, which contains improvements based on our experience using Builder in more than 100 projects over the past 10 months. Builder solves the problem of multiple projects needing the same dependencies, configuration, and npm tasks. For example...


Terminal Charts with Victory CLI

The ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time is something the human race has never had before. -Rick Smolan After pushing out webpack-dashboard and seeing how much people enjoy terminal based tooling, I thought perhaps I should see what else I can...


Make Dope Beats with ReactJS

“With a kick, snare, kicks and high hat, skilled in the trade of that old boom bap” Before I was a software engineer, I was a music producer. Specifically, I made beats for rap songs. Then file sharing put a dent in the music industry, and it became much harder to do as a career. [...


Introducing Webpack Dashboard

How about a nice game of chess? As a child, I always wanted to be a hacker. I remember the first time my father showed me how to dir /p. I thought I was hacking the planet. Then I grew up, and I realized the reality of it was a bit different. I still use […]


Announcing Victory 0.10.2 and VictoryNative!

Check out the Victory docs here. It’s been a while since the release of Victory 0.9.0 back in June, so we’re excited to add several new features and bug fixes in order to continue making the creation of D3 charts in React as painless as possible. This post will explore some of the...


Let the URL Do the Talking, Part 3: Empower the URL with Redux Little Router

Check out Redux Little Router on GitHub! Edit: the API has changed significantly since this post (hopefully for the better!). Check out the repo for an up-to-date readme! In parts one and two of this series, we found that, even with the help of integration libraries, we could not liberate URL state...


Let the URL Do the Talking, Part 2: Bargaining and Acceptance with Redux and React Router

In part one of this series, I explored the pains of integrating React Router into purely-functional Redux applications. There, I discovered that not only does React Router dictate an architectural coupling between your state and view layers, but also renders a set of powerful URL-driven Redux...


Let the URL Do the Talking, Part 1: The Pain of React Router in Redux

“Just use React Router!” This is how most conversations about routing end in the React/Redux ecosystem. There’s no doubt that React Router is the standard-bearer for SPA routing in the React world, and there’s more to its success than its early arrival on the scene or its SEO...