We're Formidable-

The JavaScript Experts.

Front End

Quality front end architecture that scales across large teams, built by design savvy engineers.

Back End

Enterprise back end systems in node.js, including service architecture, cloud deployment, performance, and scalability.


End-to-end data management, visualization, and business intelligence with fully custom dashboard applications.


Maintainable cross-platform native applications, built independently or as part of a cohesive web solution.


Improve your application metrics with deep code introspection, system-wide optimization, and architecture assessment.

Building A

Modern Web

Formidable is a Seattle-based consultancy and development shop, focused on open-source, React.js and the architecture of large-scale JavaScript applications. We build products for some of the world's biggest companies, while helping their internal teams develop smart, thoughtful and scalable front end systems. Take a look at how we’ve helped household names construct some of the most visited sites and apps on earth.


Check out some of the tools and products we've made in support of advancing the open web.

  • A set of tools to manage inline styles on React elements, giving you powerful styling capabilities without CSS.

  • An ecosystem of modular data visualization components for React. Friendly and flexible.

  • Builder enables easy multi-project management through composable NPM task workflows.

  • A React.js based library for creating sleek presentations using JSX syntax with the ability to live demo your code!

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