Victory Guides

Ready to learn more about Victory? The following guides offer detailed explanations and examples that will help you get the most out of Victory. These guides assume some familiarity with the library. If you're new to Victory, you may want to start with our tutorial.

Custom Charts: Create custom charts that integrate seamlessly with your project. This guide explains how to compose Victory components without the VictoryChart wrapper, customize axes, and use functional styles to create a cohesive chart with recognizable branding.

Custom Components: Take customization to the next level. This guide explains how to wrap Victory components and how to alter or create your own primitive components.

Data Accessors: Make Victory work with your data. Learn how to use data accessors to format data in Victory.

Events: Create custom behaviors. This guide explains how to use Victory's flexible event system to make interactive charts.

Animations: Animate charts. This explains how to define custom animations and transitions.

Layout: Learn about responsive containers and VictoryPortal.

Brush and Zoom: Add interactive brushing and zooming to your charts. This guide explains how to use the VictoryZoomContainer and VictoryBrushContainer

Themes: Apply consistent styles across all your components. This guide explains how to create your own themes, and includes a playground where you can test your own themes.

Tooltips: Add interactivity with tooltips. This guide explains how to create and customize tooltips. Topics include simple tooltips, voronoi tooltips, and integrating tooltips with custom events.

Polar Charts: Create polar charts and configure polar axes.

Zoom on Large Datasets: Use VictoryZoomContainer to render large data sets with Victory without compromising performance.