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for React.js developers

Victory Chart1.
Victory Chart1.
npm install victory

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Why Victory?

Robust and Flexible Charting

The use of sensible default props makes getting started very easy, without sacrificing flexibility. Victory also leverages React lifecycle methods and DOM diffing to create a lightweight animation wrapper.

1An outlookEconomy % change on a year earlierDinosaur exports $bn+-105051015 01020304050 2000 05 10 15

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Jan 2010Apr 2010Jul 2010Oct 2010Jan 2011Apr 2011Jul 2011Oct 2011Jan 2012Apr 2012Jul 2012Oct 2012Jan 2013Apr 2013Jul 2013Oct 2013Jan 2014Apr 2014Jul 2014Oct 2014201020112012201320142015Year

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Victory Chart18:33:1718:33:18 54.654.85555.2Price

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Sensible Defaults

The modular, componentized nature of React has allowed us to write fully-contained, reusable data visualization elements that are responsible for their own styles and behaviors. Sensible default props make getting started easy!

  // Try changing the data
    {x: "Cat", y: 62},
    {x: "Dog", y: 91},
    {x: "Fish", y: 55},
    {x: "Bird", y: 55},


When combined, these features result in a set of components that are easy to use, and compose into more complicated visualizations.

  domain={{x: [0.5, 3.5]}}
  // Uncomment the theme!
  // theme={VictoryTheme.material}
    tickValues={[1, 2, 3]}
    tickFormat={["first", "second", "third"]}
        {x: 1, y: 1},
        {x: 2, y: 2},
        {x: 3, y: 3}
        {x: 1, y: 2},
        {x: 2, y: 1},
        {x: 3, y: 1}
        {x: 1, y: 3},
        {x: 2, y: 4},
        {x: 3, y: 2}

Native Support

Extend the Victory experience on Android and iOS platforms with an identical API.

Victory Chart1. Victory Chart1.
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Source Code

View the source at GitHub:FormidableLabs/victory .


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