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Chart Gestures

The CartesianChart component has opt-in support for "press" gestures, including multi-press support. At this point in time, the "press" gesture support is limited to tracking the user's fingers' x-coordinate on the chart and exposing the closest (in terms of x-coordinate) point to the user's gesture.

The goal for this press support is to allow the user to press/pan across the chart and track what x-value they're pressing/panning over.

For an introductory example, see the Adding a tooltip section of the Getting Started guide.

This "press gesture" support is outlined below.


At a high level, useChartPressState takes an initial state object and returns a ChartPressState value, which is effectively a wrapper around a group of Reanimated SharedValues used to track the user's press gesture (and the corresponding x/y values and positions).

The signature for this function is:

useChartPressState<Init extends ChartPressStateInit>(init: Init): { isActive: boolean; state: ChartPressState<Init> }

type ChartPressStateInit = { x: InputFieldType; y: Record<string, number> };
export type ChartPressState<Init extends ChartPressStateInit> = {
isActive: SharedValue<boolean>;
x: { value: SharedValue<Init["x"]>; position: SharedValue<number> };
y: Record<
keyof Init["y"],
{ value: SharedValue<number>; position: SharedValue<number> }

You'll pass the useChartPressState().state value into the chartPressState prop of the CartesianChart component, and can use that state field to track e.g. active x-value or x-position of the users touch state. You can use the useChartPressState().isActive field to dynamically show elements with the user is actively pressing the chart.

The chartPressState prop of CartesianChart

As outlined in the Cartesian Chart page, the chartPressState prop of the CartesianChart component will accept a ChartPressState value returned from the useChartPressState hook and use that to track the users gesture state.

Multi-press support

The CartesianChart component can track as many fingers as you want, but two will likely be the max you'd reasonably want to use. See the multi-press guide to see an example of multi-press in action.

To support multi-press gestures, you merely generate multiple ChartPressState values using the useChartPressState hook and pass those state values into the chartPressState prop as an array. For example:

import { useChartPressState, CartesianChart } from "victory-native";

const INIT_STATE = { x: 0, y: { highTmp: 0 } } as const;

function MyChart() {
// 👇 create multiple press states
const { state: firstPress, isActive: isFirstPressActive } =
const { state: secondPress, isActive: isSecondPressActive } =

return (
// ...
// 👇 pass them both into chartPressState to be tracked
chartPressState={[firstPress, secondPress]}
{() => (
// ...