In this chapter we'll dive into various topics of "advanced" urql usage. This is admittedly a catch-all chapter of various use-cases that can only be covered after the "Architecture" chapter.

  • Subscriptions covers how to use useSubscription and how to set up GraphQL subscriptions with urql.
  • Persistence & Uploads teaches us how to set up Automatic Persisted Queries and File Uploads using the two respective packages.
  • Server-side Rendering guides us through how to set up server-side rendering and rehydration.
  • Debugging shows us the urql devtools and how to add our own debug events for its event view.
  • Retrying operations shows the retryExchange which allows you to retry operations when they've failed.
  • Authentication describes how to implement authentication using the authExchange
  • Testing covers how to test components that use urql particularly in React.
  • Authoring Exchanges describes how to implement exchanges from scratch and how they work internally. This is a good basis to understanding how some features in this section function.
  • Auto-populate Mutations presents the populateExchange addon, which can make it easier to update normalized data after mutations.