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Universal React Query Library is a blazing-fast GraphQL client, exposed as a set of ReactJS components.

npm install urql



Fully functional GraphQL client with a single import

Urql is a lightweight, powerful, and easy to use alternative to bulky GraphQL clients.

Logical default behavior and caching

Urql helps you to rapidly use GraphQL in your apps without complex configuration or large API overhead.

Extensible library that grows with you

Want to change how you fetch, cache, or subscribe to data? Urql Exchanges allow you to customize your data layer to suit your needs.

Minimal React Components and Hooks

Whether you prefer a <Query> component or useQuery Hook, urql's API is intuitive to use, with full support for GraphQL Queries, Mutations and Subscriptions in both styles!

Get Started

Dive into the documentation to see how you can get your urql client up and running.

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