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Extra Style Handlers

Zephyr comes with a large set of built-in style classes (see Default Classes and Default Theme). However, if you'd like to tap into Zephyr's styling system, you can add your own custom "style handlers" on top of the default ones.

Each custom handler of the form f: x => y will generate a set of style classes of the form f:x; each handler of the form f: () => y will generate a single style class f. This is best portrayed with an example.

import { createStyleBuilder } from "react-native-zephyr";

const { styles } = createStyleBuilder({
// Add some extra handlers
extraHandlers: {
size: (x: "small" | "big") => ({ width: x === "small" ? 8 : 64 }),
foo: () => ({ backgroundColor: "brown" })

// You now have some additional style classes, along with the default ones
styles("size:small", "size:large", "foo");