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Dynamic Class Name Lists

clsx provides a utility function that makes it easier to generate a className list in CSS-styled projects, which is very useful when applying dynamic classes to a UI element.

Zephyr provides a similar, slimmed-down version of this functionality out of the box. When providing a list of style classes (to styles, useStyles, or the styled/darkStyled props), you can pass in an array of the following type:

type ClassNameArg = Cn | { [key in Cn]?: boolean } | null | undefined | false;

where Cn is the type of the class names defined by your instance from createStyleBuilder.

This is better portrayed by an example.

import { createStyleBuilder } from "react-native-zephyr";

const { styles } = createStyleBuilder();

// Use strings
styles("px:2", "py:3");

// False values are fine
styles("px:2", false, undefined, null, 3 % 2 === 0 && "py:3");

// Object with class names as key, boolean as value
styles("px:2", { "py:3": 4 % 2 === 0 }); // same as px:2, py:3