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Expo Quick Start

If you want to kick the tires, Expo is a great option. You can spin up a React Native project with very little setup.

This page will walk you through getting setup with Expo and React Native Zephyr.

Step 1: Create a project

Using expo-cli, you can quickly create an expo project:

npx expo-cli init [yourProjectName]

At the Expo CLI prompt, choose one of the TypeScript templates to get the most out of Zephyr.

Step 2: Tell Expo to Allow Dark Mode

In your Expo project, you should see an app.json file that configures various aspects of your Expo app. Set expo.userInterfaceStyle to "automatic" in this file.

Step 3: Get started with Zephyr

Head on over to the Quick Start guide to add Zephyr to your new Expo project.