Generate a WCAG compliant color theme from any image.



A React adpater for image-palette-core


npm install --save react-image-palette


The main export of the package is the ImagePalette component, which uses a render callback to provide the color palette after the image is parsed.

import ImagePalette from 'react-image-palette'

const SomeComponent = ({ image }) => (
  <ImagePalette image={image}>
    {({ backgroundColor, color, alternativeColor }) => (
      <div style={{ backgroundColor, color }}>
        This div has been themed based on
        <span style={{ color: alternativeColor }}>{image}</span>



See the image-palette-core documentation


imageString!The URL for the image to parse.
crossOriginBooleanSets the crossOrigin property on the Image instance that loads the source image 1
renderPalette => ReactElementIf you prefer to use a render prop over a function child, go for it! react-image-palette supports both.
defaultsPaletteA default palette to render if a palette cannot be parsed. This would typically occur when the source image fails to load

1 ⚠️ Keep in mind that the image will be loaded into a canvas and parsed as data, so you should only use images from trusted origins.

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