An Open World 🤖

We believe in an open web. Front-end development is advancing at light speed largely due to open source code and the people committed to making the web better. Here are the tools and products we’ve made.

Open Source Help

For open source software questions, please refer to the related docs or open a Github issue for direct assistance


Ingest the webpack stats object, process / transform the object and write out to a file for further consumption. The most common use case is building a hashed bundle and wanting to programmatically refer to the correct bundle path in your Node.js server.

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A custom partial React SSR renderer for prefetching and suspense

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Simple multi-project management through composable npm task workflows, allowing shared infrastructure and configuration across multiple repos.

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A React component for progressive image loading.

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A collection of animations that can be used with any inline style library that supports using objects to define keyframe animations, such as Radium or Aphrodite.

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Generate a WCAG compliant color theme from any image.

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