Formidable is a proud member of MACH Alliance

June 28 - 29 | London

The MACH Alliance's free MACH ONE conference is where executive leaders, technology decision-makers, and MACH practitioners from the growing global MACH ecosystem come together to discuss the latest developments, share experiences, and show the speed and versatility with which MACH propels digital experiences.

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The business case for moving off old, monolithic platforms is very clear, but the road to transformation can be a bumpy one. Formidable is a MACH expert and has implemented MACH-based products for LEGO, Nintendo, and PUMA.

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At Formidable, we have

Performance Testing

A track record of delivering headless content architecture for dozens of multinational companies

Technical Architecture

A full cross-functional expert team trained on MACH product strategy, design, and implementation

Front End

A deep love of embracing the challenges of helping businesses with their digital transformations

MACH ONE Conference

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