Eric Baer Speaking at Voxxed Days Bristol

March 1, 2017

Formidafriends in the UK: Formidable Eric Baer is speaking at Voxxed Days Bristol today. Attending? Be sure to check out his talk.

Eric will attempt to lay bare the lessons learned from nearly 60 years of API design, from RPC to REST. With mounting pressure on APIs from mobile devices/networks, REST’s viability is beginning to wane. This talk will present emerging designs, like GraphQL, through the lens of history. With GraphQL as the dominant technology today, he will examine some of its functionality, touch on its syntax, and present a live coding demo that shows off a GraphQL server from 0 to 1. Demonstrating a complete implementation in under 10 minutes will give a strong sense of what’s possible, and what kind of complexity burden a tool like this would impose.

About Eric: Eric has been developing software for over 10 years and his experience includes everything from embedded systems in C++ to high traffic APIs in Java and JavaScript. For the past five years Eric has developed a deep specialization in JavaScript and the associated ecosystem.

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