Tyler Thompson

Tyler Thompson

Principal Engineer

Since joining Formidable in early 2016, Tyler has leveraged his diverse software engineering skill set to lead client projects, such as the Starbucks web ordering app, and open source projects, such as Redux Little Router and Radium Grid. He has extensive experience with Webpack internals and configuration, and has worked to improve Formidable's Webpack Dashboard OSS by integrating real minified/gzipped sizes and a pane for common bundle problems. Tyler is also highly skilled at working with CSS, building accessible React components, writing Babel plugins, Node debugging, and server-side rendering at scale.

Living on the Edge: Lazy Static Sites with Modern CDNs and Lambda

October 15, 2019
Websites like the New York Times can't wait for a twenty-minute build to deliver breaking stories. A CDN-based service like unpkg can't build a static filesystem for every possible npm package without exorbitant storage and compute costs. Yet these services stay fast in spite of the pitfalls of dynamic sites. How?
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Don't Fear the Fractal: Infinite State Composition with Freactal

May 3, 2017
In the beginning, there was React. You used `createClass` to define an OOP-style UI component with associated reactive state, and custom mixins managed cross-cutting concerns. It was good. Then came ES6 classes. You used standard language features and semantics to define a component...
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Introducing Nested Routing in Redux Little Router

September 13, 2016
Ever since we announced Redux Little Router, we’ve worked hard to simplify the API, reduce boilerplate, and ease adoption for beginners. To advance these goals, we’ve introduced two new features: nested routes and nested fragments. Check out Redux Little Router on GitHub! Nested Routes...
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Let the URL do the Talking, Part 3: Empower the URL with Redux Little Router

July 25, 2016
In parts one and two of this series, we found that, even with the help of integration libraries, we could not liberate URL state from the clutches of React Router. History explains the problem: before Redux, React libraries decided for themselves how much state they controlled...
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Let the URL do the Talking, Part 2: Bargaining and Acceptance with Redux and React Router

July 19, 2016
In part one of this series, I explored the pains of integrating React Router into purely-functional Redux applications. There, I discovered that not only does React Router dictate an architectural coupling between your state and view layers, but also renders a set of powerful URL-driven...
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Let the URL do the Talking, Part 1: The Pain of React Router in Redux

July 11, 2016
“Just use React Router!” This is how most conversations about routing end in the React/Redux ecosystem. There’s no doubt that React Router is the standard-bearer for SPA routing in the React world, and there’s more to its success than its early arrival on the scene or its SEO...
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Radium Grid: A React Grid System Injected with the Power of Radium

June 20, 2016
After spending my formative frontend years implementing layouts with the CSS grid systems from both Bootstrap and Foundation, I developed a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both. Later, grid systems like Jeet solved many of the pain points of the old grids: no more fixed-column...
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