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Stefan Huynh

Software Engineer

Since 2014, Stefan Huynh has been working with React, Redux, Node, and Jest. In that time he has built and migrated apps to React and Flux/Redux, making architecture decisions and establishing patterns, while making the business case for React. He also actively trains team members in these technologies. At Formidable, he's worked with React Native and Redux at @WalmartLabs, re-architecting key features and increasing code coverage from 7% to 90%. Stefan actively contributes to Formidable’s open source projects including commits to redux-little-router, Radium, and Victory. He is an experienced instructor, having taught courses at college, grad school, and General Assembly. In addition, he works part time as a dance instructor, making him comfortable working with people from all walks of life in dynamic circumstances. Stefan holds a Master’s degree in social psychology.