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Simon Hurley

Engineering Manager

Simon Hurley joined the Formidable UK team in May of 2022 as an engineering manager. Simon's specialty is managing dev teams and their processes and front-end development. He is also responsible for supporting developers, nurturing talent, problem-solving, and helping to create some awesomeness for Formidable. Before Formidable, Simon developed his skills building SaaS platforms, business search engines, recruitment platforms, apps for the telecoms industry and MoD, and side projects to support local businesses getting up and running on the internet. In his career, Simon has built an InDesign-like web UX to create and customize print and digital marketing material. He has also contributed fixes to open source projects relating to SVG, IDML, and PSD. Additionally, Simon enjoys running, sailing, cycling, squash, badminton, DIY, and considers himself pragmatic and kind.