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Sawyer Burnett

Engineering Manager

Sawyer joined Formidable in late 2020 after focusing on full-stack work for a healthcare startup. He also spent time in the transportation and logistics industries. His biggest contribution was moving the company from a disorganized, manually created cloud architecture to one built entirely using Terraform code. He's proud of a productivity app he made, Pomodoro Timer, to keep users focused on tasks. Sawyer is a jack-of-all-trades but prefers backend work when possible. Working on highly available and scalable applications has been his goal for the past year, and he hopes to continue this work at Formidable. Some of his specialties are TypeScript, Terraform, GraphQL, MongoDB, and system design. Sawyer is a constant learner and enjoys giving presentations on topics including load testing, IoT, cloud best practices, DevOps, and unit testing. When he isn't writing code, you can find him walking his dog, cycling or out backpacking.