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Savannah is a UX and UI designer who joined Formidable in 2019. She has a strong aesthetic sense and knowledge of UX/UI best practices gained in design and development roles. Her prior design experience includes branding/identity design, product design, print and digital media, as well as market and user research. She has worked as a designer at a consulting agency serving the healthcare industry and as a web developer at the global nonprofit Heifer International. At Formidable, she worked with Starbucks to design a new customer experience, working with the client team through journey mapping, user feedback and analysis, and prototype development. Her broad range of skills and experience informs her functional, user-focussed approach to design. Savannah is an accomplished writer and speaker and continues to develop and refine new methodologies for UX research and data collection.

The UX Deck: Card-Based Testing for Better Design

Formidable design team has developed a card-based user testing model to meet the needs of client projects that require early-stage research and concep ...