Samuel Estrella

Samuel Estrella

Software Engineer

Samuel’s passion for math and physics led him to software development in 2014, when he began to use Python and Java to help him with mathematical and physical modeling. Since then, he’s turned his focus to web development, specializing in JavaScript and React.js. Samuel’s background has informed his work, helping him approach software problems scientifically. When he’s not building software at Formidable, he enjoys dad jokes, singing, and pole vaulting.

The Many Benefits of Good Pull Request Descriptions (+ How to Write One)

April 20, 2020
Submitting pull requests (PR) is a key part of our jobs as software engineers. When we take time to write a good PR description we're improving our code, our teams, and our understanding. Let's walk through some of the benefits we've noticed and then talk about how to write A+ descriptions on your own.
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