Sam Morrison

Sam Morrison

Senior Product Strategist

Sam is a productivity triple threat with project, program, and product management experience. Prior to joining Formidable in March 2020, they worked to scale Wirecutter after it was acquired by The New York Times. They are an analytical professional with a proven track record of developing tools and practices that increase efficiency and job satisfaction. Sam believes that psychological safety is a key ingredient to getting great work done. Prior to working in technology, Sam worked with children and youth in at-risk communities developing leadership skills through arts education. Sam grew up in Canada's Arctic and currently resides in Toronto where they are building the Formidable Toronto office.

Managing Remote Teams

March 24, 2020
There is a lot of great information being shared right now on how to work from home and how to manage a team working from home. Managing a completely remote team is different in many ways from managing a team in an office. We want to share some general behaviors that lead to better alignment and effectiveness while managing a remote team.
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