Ken Wheeler

Introducing URQL (beta), a Universal React Query Library

January 30, 2018
Today we are formally releasing our newest OSS offering, urql. Pronounced 'urkel', it is technically an acronym for Universal React Query Library. urql is a GraphQL client created in the hopes of simplifying the use of GraphQL in React. There are some amazing solutions...
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Spectacle 4.0 Has Arrived

November 14, 2017
Since Spectacle was released in early 2016, it’s been fun spotting it in use in presentations at conferences and meetups. The PacMan progress indicator and other familiar UI elements tend give it away, and it is exciting to see every single time. However, plenty of people are still...
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Introducing Webpack Dashboard & Electron Webpack Dashboard 1.0

October 17, 2017
After releasing Webpack Dashboard and Electron Webpack Dashboard, we realized that we had hit a sweet spot for developer tooling. Developers wanted to be able to have more transparency and more visual feedback from their build processes (and they like...
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Introducing Electron Webpack Dashboard

August 16, 2017
One year ago yesterday, I released webpack-dashboard. It ended up getting a lot more popular than I thought it would! As it turns out, everyone wants to pretend like they are working at NASA. Shortly after releasing it, and selling it under the guise of it feeling like...
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Terminal Charts with Victory CLI

August 29, 2016
The ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time is something the human race has never had before. After pushing out webpack-dashboard and seeing how much people enjoy terminal based tooling, I thought perhaps I should see what else I can...
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Make Dope Beats with ReactJS

August 22, 2016
Before I was a software engineer, I was a music producer. Specifically, I made beats for rap songs. Then file sharing put a dent in the music industry, and it became much harder to do as a career. But hey, I had programming to fall back on! I still made music as a hobby over the years...
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Introducing Webpack Dashboard

August 15, 2016
As a child, I always wanted to be a hacker. I remember the first time my father showed me how to dir /p. I thought I was hacking the planet. Then I grew up, and I realized the reality of it was a bit different. I still use the CLI all the time, but it’s far less glamorous...
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Unit Testing React Native with Mocha and Enzyme

February 8, 2016
Working in React Native has been an amazing experience. Coming from React, the workflow has been nearly frictionless. There has, however, been one question lingering: How the hell am I going to test this? Specifically, what is the best way to unit test my component logic? Testing JavaScript that...
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