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Grant Sander

Director of Engineering, Open Source

Grant is an Indiana-based software engineer serving as Director of Engineering (Open Source) at Formidable. He is versed in full-stack development, with a recent focus on front-end web and mobile development. His university background and research in math teaching, training, and online curriculum development have helped him become a people-first developer. Grant is skilled in considering how people learn best, how teams work together, how users think and use products, and how to manage technical complexity in large-scale software projects. Grant’s software background ranges from an interactive online math curriculum to mobile fitness apps to front-ends for crypto trading platforms. When not at his computer, you’ll find Grant spending time with family, lifting weights, or enjoying the outdoors.

The Evolution of urql

As Formidable and urql evolve, urql has grown to be a project that is driven more by the urql community, including Phil and Jovi, than by Formidable i ...

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What the Hex?

If you’re a designer or frontend developer, chances are you’ve happened upon hex color codes (such as `#ff6d91`). Have you ever wondered what the hex ...

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Iterables in JS

A perhaps less well-known addition of the ES2015 spec is the addition of the iteration protocols. These protocols allow us JS developers to make use o ...

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