Gaby Cook

Gaby Cook

Design Team Lead

Gaby is a product designer and team lead at Formidable. As both a design lead and an individual contributor, she produces thoughtful, intuitive solutions to complex, multi-faceted UX problems. She employs a user-centered design methodology and shares this process with engineering and product teams. On any given engagement, she may create user journeys, wireframes, UI solutions, or design component libraries. On occasion, Gaby will lead cross-functional team workshops to simplify challenges, distill priorities, and resolve conflicting goals. Prior to Formidable, Gaby worked at Amazon, Slalom, DLA (Claro Video), Ratio, Tag Creative, and Seattle Symphony. Her favorite book on the design process is "Getting to Yes." She is passionate about design, typefaces, and delightful interactive experiences.

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February 22, 2023
How to give engaging, memorable presentations to distracted audiences
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