Emily Bartman

Emily Bartman

Software Engineer

Emily Bartman comes to Formidable with a storied legacy in software development including six years' experience with NASA, USGS, & General Dynamics Mission Systems, and three more years as a full-stack and cloud solutions specialist at startups such as Sweetbridge, a supply chain technology company, and Privoro, a small mobile security solutions provider, both headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. She specializes in data management and data visualizations in the web browser, and prides herself on writing code for humans. Her passions include Svelte, web scraping, and automating what she calls "the boring stuff," and counts conversations where she's been persuaded to change her mind as her favorites.

Not All Components Are Created Equal

June 22, 2021
Here are several key ideas that hopefully help you gain new tools to identify why a set of components in your app may not be as readable as they could be. What are the pitfalls? Read on.
Emily Bartman
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