Dillon Mulroy

Dillon Mulroy

Software Engineer

A full-stack engineer by trade, Dillon joined Formidable in the summer of 2019, having previously worked in engineering roles at both State Farm and Visionist, Inc. Here he specializes in React, Node, and Go while serving as a technical lead on his client projects. Dillon is a skilled speaker, appearing at ReactMD and Charm City JS meetups, and is looking to participate in the wider blogging and conference circuit in the coming months. When not successfully architecting and shipping apps/software, Dillon spends time with his golden retriever, Winnie, is an avid game hunter, and grows super hot peppers.

A Deep Dive into Debugging Cypress, iframes, & Runtime Code Modification

February 18, 2021
As software engineers, a large portion of our time is spent researching, reproducing, and fixing bugs. Being able to effectively discover, track down, and resolve bugs is one of the most important skills in our toolboxes.
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