Cody Crozier

Cody Crozier

Software Engineer

Cody is a front-end code specialist and focuses on writing testable, reusable, modern web applications with React. He joined the Formidable Phoenix team in mid-2019, having previously worked for Invitation Homes, a single-family home rental company where he worked with React, Node, and PostgreSQL. While there he developed a feature that allowed his internal team to request rental documents from customers and for customers to upload those documents directly from their profiles. Cody fully developed this feature, front -> back, including authenticated endpoints, React UI, and writing data models in SQL. Cody enjoys writing software that solves business problems and produces tangible, real-world results. He's also active in the OSS community and created an open source React component called react-multiple-choice that helps people build multiple choice tests into their applications. When not writing code, you'll find Cody outdoors where he enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, and camping.

Responsive Images: Improving performance by letting the browser do the work

October 8, 2019
We want to serve appropriate images to all of our users, like small images on slower connections and small screens, and large, high-quality images on fast connections and high-resolution screens. Luckily, all modern browsers support a few nifty HTML features to help us optimize our images for whatever device your users are visiting your site on.
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