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Brittany Feenstra

Director of Engineering

Brittany is a Director of Engineering specializing in accessibility, scalability, and front-end development at large. She came to Formidable in early 2019 as a software engineer with a background in high-paced eCommerce companies ranging from dev teams of 4 to 200. Throughout her time at Formidable she’s led teams of varying sizes across many timezones, always integrating with client teams at large and collaborating to achieve their needs. She’s spoken at React Conf on accessibility and publishes blogs about front-end best practices. While accessibility is close to heart for her, Brittany spends most of her time building out interfaces and translating designs into responsive websites with solid, scalable structures as well as exploring animations and performance. Brittany has a B.A. in sociology and some past lives in accounting, retail, and coaching; her varied background often allows her to approach engineering with a holistic focus and broad ability to communicate to make things better for all stakeholders. Outside of work, you’ll find Brittany at the movies or enjoying the Arizona sunshine with her husband and pup.