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Amy L. Dickson

VP, Marketing & Communications

Amy Dickson joined the Formidable team in 2018 as the VP of Marketing & Communications. She has managed marketing and communications programs for several consulting, tech, and SaaS firms including Blink UX, L4 Digital, Airbiquity, F5, and the Bluetooth SIG. With more than 20 years of experience, Amy is expert at marketing communications, analyst and media relations, vendor and agency management, content marketing and strategy, brand and trademark management, event and trade show execution, and company stewardship. She has built communication strategies and executed programs for some of the world's largest brands. Her deep editorial and content strategy experience complement modern digital marketing efforts perfectly. She has a BA in Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz and an MS in Mass Communications from Cal State San Jose. When not at Formidable, Amy is likely researching a new wine or restaurant.