Dynamic Pricing Dashboard

User-Friendly Data Visualizations for Complex Dynamic Pricing Models
Background is a startup focused on delivering dynamic pricing structures. Their product is currently geared toward the hotel industry, and they are working toward a technology for dynamic pricing in any industry. Prix utilizes a complex predictive algorithm to suggest the best price based on demand, allowing their customers to predict the future with a level of accuracy that is outperforming other industry-leading statistical models. Because the data is so complex, Prix struggled to find a user-friendly way to display it in their dashboard. They asked Formidable to utilize our data visualization and React expertise to create a polished front end interface.

  • Create a polished front end interface that allows customers to easily parse complex dynamic pricing models
  • Work with Prix to sketch out and conceptualize the dashboard and visualizations
  • Design dashboard UI/UX to ensure optimal user experience
  • Utilize React and Formidable open source library Victory to create the dashboard and data visualizations
  • Build weekly incremental releases to allow for regular feedback from Prix’s customers
  • Set up continuous integration workflows and code review processes for Prix’s team of developers
  • A polished, user-friendly dashboard interface that utilizes custom data visualizations to display complex data in an easily-digestible format
  • With Formidable’s training, Prix’s developers now have the skills they need to maintain and update the React-based dashboard
  • The dashboard contributed to a 200% increase in response rate for Prix’s outbound lead generation efforts
  • Customers can now visualize the possibilities for how Prix’s product could improve their business
  • The creation of the dashboard helped show investors the raw power of Prix’s product

While the overall goal was to create a beautiful dashboard, the biggest challenge was finding a way to present the complex data in user-friendly way. It was important to make the data easily digestible for customers without obfuscating important details.


Formidable began the process by working with Prix to sketch out and conceptualize the dashboard and visualizations. Once concepts were mutually accepted, it was clear that React would be great for building the dashboard, and that Formidable’s open source library, Victory, would be perfect for the custom data visualizations. During the process of building out the app, Formidable pushed weekly incremental releases to ensure that feedback from Prix’s customers was incorporated as the team built out the dashboard. Formidable also set up continuous integration workflows and code review processes for Prix’s team of developers so they would be well-versed in best practices and could maintain the app after Formidable completed the project.


In just three weeks, Formidable created a system for displaying complex data in a user-friendly way, produced a React-based dashboard featuring custom data visualizations, and set up Prix’s team of developers with the knowledge and skills they needed to carry this project into the future.


Beyond providing a user-friendly interface, the dashboard has helped grow Prix’s business and funding opportunities. Prix saw a 200% increase in the response rate for their outbound lead generation efforts upon the completion of this project. Customers are responding very well to the dashboard and love that it gives them a chance to visualize the possibilities Prix’s product provides. Customers can now also provide feedback on the highly-technical product itself, which helps Prix dial in on customer preferences and make adjustments for future iterations. Additionally, having a completed dashboard that shows this complex data in a user-friendly way has helped Prix show investors the raw power of their product.


With deep React and data visualization expertise, Formidable was able to build Prix a polished dashboard, integral to their product and growth as a company.

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