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Jani Eväkallio

An early adopter and advocate of React Native, Jani knows the platform inside out. As the VP of Mobile Engineering at Formidable, he leads teams discovering the best practices of mobile development in the React era. Whether building UIs for mobile, web, or the cockpit of your car, his work has a singular purpose: to build software people love to use.

Ken Wheeler

Ken is the Director of Open Source at Formidable and the creator of Open Source libraries such as Spectacle, Slick Carousel, and Webpack Dashboard. An insatiable open source advocate, Ken frequently speaks about React topics at events around the globe.

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Formidable’s expertise goes far beyond React and React Native. Our customized trainings, which cover a wide variety of subject matter (including Node.js, GraphQL, and JavaScript performance), are designed to give your developer teams the expertise they need for solving the toughest problems. Want to learn more?

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Our Philosophy

At Formidable, quality is paramount. Thoughtful decisions about software improve every aspect of development, from developer speed to user experience, ultimately impacting the bottom line. We thrive when expert advice and problem solving is needed, and create sensible solutions without breaking your current dev processes. Working alongside your team, we not only build maintainable infrastructure but also educate in best practices.

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