Performant and modern back end systems at enterprise scale using node.js.

What We Do

API Development

Starting from scratch or working with an existing API, we build back end services for the largest companies in the world.

Cloud Infrastructure

With scale and high availability in mind, we build battle-tested cloud platforms on AWS, Azure, and OneOps.


Start your next project with a solid core. We’re a team of industry veterans that provide sound guidance for new and existing projects.

Talk to us : Meet Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson is Director of Platform at Formidable. He has over a decade of experience building software in various industries ranging from defense/military, gaming, and more recently e-commerce. Over the last five years he's been architecting and building distributed systems in Node.js at scale for Fortune 500s.

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Jason Wilson
Our Philosophy

At Formidable, quality is paramount. Thoughtful decisions about software improve every aspect of development, from developer speed to user experience, ultimately impacting the bottom line. We thrive when expert advice and problem solving is needed, and create sensible solutions without breaking your current dev processes. Working alongside your team, we not only build maintainable infrastructure but also educate in best practices.


Introducing NodeJS-Dashboard

Clean up your console output with nodejs-dashboard.

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On Releasing My First OSS Project at Thirty-Five

A couple weeks ago I released my first open source project at the ripe old age of thirty-five.

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How We Work


Our clients choose Formidable when they have challenging software issues that need solid, scalable solutions. We assess current state and recommend the right technological solution to support our client's business goals.


After assessment, we dive into the code side by side with our client's engineering teams. Working as an embedded team, we implement the solution in an agile, iterative way.


Formidable delivers more than application development. With the long-term maintainability of the systems in mind, we level up our client's team so they're comfortable taking on future maintenance.

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