Custom dashboard applications built using our open source tools for optimal speed and user experience.

What We Do

Data Management

Using clients’ preferred data formats to minimize disruption and process change, we are able to extract and capture data out of any source.

Data Visualization

With a focus on exploring data beyond the basic chart, we make completely custom visualizations for your most important data.

Dashboard Applications

Custom dashboard applications built using our open source tools for optimal speed and user experience.

Talk to us : Meet Ryan Ray

Ryan Ray is Formidable's VP of Engineering. During his tenure, Ray has overseen web application, data management, and business intelligence projects of all sizes for Viacom, Walmart, Microsoft, and more. When not at work he's probably playing Minecraft with his two sons.

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Ryan Ray
Our Philosophy

At Formidable, quality is paramount. Thoughtful decisions about software improve every aspect of development, from developer speed to user experience, ultimately impacting the bottom line. We thrive when expert advice and problem solving is needed, and create sensible solutions without breaking your current dev processes. Working alongside your team, we not only build maintainable infrastructure but also educate in best practices.


Flexible Charting in React with Victory

Charting directly with d3 can be difficult, but other libraries are often too simplistic. Enter Victory...

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Victory 0.12.0: The One True Tooltip

We are pleased to announce that the latest release of Victory finally includes tooltips!

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How We Work


Our clients choose Formidable when they have challenging software issues that need solid, scalable solutions. We assess current state and recommend the right technological solution to support our client's business goals.


After assessment, we dive into the code side by side with our client's engineering teams. Working as an embedded team, we implement the solution in an agile, iterative way.


Formidable delivers more than application development. With the long-term maintainability of the systems in mind, we level up our client's team so they're comfortable taking on future maintenance.

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