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Brush and Zoom

Use VictoryZoomContainer as your containerComponent to add panning and zooming behavior to any Victory components that work with an x-y coordinate system.

In the example below, an initial domain is set with the zoomDomain prop. This prop may also be used to trigger pan and zoom behavior from other components.


In the next example, VictoryZoomContainer and VictoryBrushContainer are used to create a zoomable chart with a mini-map brush control. Here, the onDomainChange prop on VictoryZoomContainer alters the selectedDomain prop on VictoryBrushContainer tying highlighted brush region of the mini-map to the zoom level of the chart. The onDomainChange prop on VictoryBrushContainer alters the zoomDomain prop on VictoryZoomContainer so that the zoomed level of the chart matches the highlighted region of the mini-map.


VictoryBrushContainer may be used with any Victory component that works on an x-y coordinate system. Brushing behavior may be limited to the x or y dimensions with the dimension prop, and the selected area may be styled, or even replaced with a custom component.