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Infrastructure Tools


Multibot allows you to invoke actions (read, etc.) on 1+ files in 1+ repositories concurrently. It is meant to be a helper tool for multi-project updates, branches, pull requests, etc.

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For Webpack frontend JavaScript bundles, inspectpack gives insight into what’s in your production JavaScript bundles: where you can cut down file size, duplicates, etc.

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Webpack Stats Plugin

Ingest the webpack stats object, process / transform the object and write out to a file for further consumption. The most common use case is building a hashed bundle and wanting to programmatically refer to the correct bundle path in your Node.js server.

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RequirePack bridges this gap by providing an interoperability layer to allow a Webpack-generated shared library to be consumed by RequireJS entry points.

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Pull Report

Create a report for all open pull requests and issues by organization or by user.

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Abstract Log

An micro log wrapper to implement production shims, loggers, etc. The primary use case is for a project that needs to do some logging but doesn’t want to take dependencies on a specific logger or assume use in a specific environment.

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