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Introducing Electron Webpack Dashboard

Ken Wheeler

One year ago yesterday, I released webpack-dashboard. It ended up getting a lot more popular than I thought it would! As it turns out, everyone wants to pretend like they are working at NASA. Shortly after releasing it, and selling it under the guise of it feeling like...


Why React Native is the Best Choice for Making Native Apps

Carlos Paelinck

Companies often eschew building native apps, thinking hybrid solutions will be easier and more cost effective to build. They end up shoving a not-so-responsive web app into some kind of native web frame, which ultimately leads to terrible user experience. Many companies opt to have...


Javascript Power Tools Part III: Real-world redux-saga Patterns

Matt Hink

In the past two articles, we've talked a lot about redux-saga in the abstract, without much concern for real-world applications. Now that we’re equipped with new knowledge, we're ready to jump in and start putting the pieces back together. First, we'll take a look at a pattern...


Live Editing React Components for Better Documentation

Phil Plückthun

As stated in a previous post about documentation, Your Docs And You, the best response to well made docs is simply, 'I get it!' When writing documentation, it's sometimes easy to forget that someone on the other end will actually be reading your docs. Writing docs can be as difficult as...


JavaScript Power Tools Part II: Composition Patterns in redux-saga

Matt Hink

In the last article, we investigated redux-saga's approach to the Saga pattern in JavaScript. Specifically, the concept of a generator function that yields command objects, which describe the effects we want to happen, and rely on an external driver to actually perform those effects...


JavaScript Power Tools: redux-saga

Matt Hink

At Formidable, we're always refining our knowledge of modern JavaScript tech. This blog series, entitled JavaScript Power Tools, will take a deeper look at some of the tools, frameworks, and libraries we use to deliver reliable and maintainable code. Today, I want to talk about [`redux-saga`]...


Don't Fear the Fractal: Infinite State Composition with Freactal

Tyler Thompson

In the beginning, there was React. You used `createClass` to define an OOP-style UI component with associated reactive state, and custom mixins managed cross-cutting concerns. It was good. Then came ES6 classes. You used standard language features and semantics to define a component...


Join Formidable at SeattleJS Conference

Becca Lee

The SeattleJS Conference conference is coming this August 10th and 11th, and Formidable is the presenting sponsor. Have you bought your tickets yet? For background, when we heard that CascadiaFest wasn’t happening this summer, the Formidable crew was super bummed. As the ongoing...


Fun with Fiber Custom Renderers at React Amsterdam

Becca Lee

Ken Wheeler, Formidable at large, will be speaking at React Amsterdam on April 21st. His talk, Fun with Fiber Custom Renderers, will explore the new custom renderer API in React Fiber, a soon-to-be-released architectural rewrite of React. Ken will cover Fiber basics, the anatomy...


Your Docs and You: A Guide for Your First OSS Portfolio

Paula Lavalle

Open Source Software is arguably fated to a life of loneliness without great documentation. I’ve heard more than one developer proclaim the importance of docs, and their corresponding awe and appreciation when they find docs that are really well-made. One of my favorite responses to a docs site...